McAuliffe Attacks Right to Work Amendment

This afternoon, Virginians received Terry McAuliffe's recorded message asking them to defeat Virginia’s Right to Work Amendment.  

This is a shocking about-face. When he ran for Governor, McAuliffe called Virginia a great right to work state and said "we should never change that." Preserving the right to work is in fact what the proposed Amendment will do. But unions donated $4,236,715 to McAuliffe’s PAC, and he is now paying them back with a last minute, under-the-radar robocall campaign.

These robocalls were paid for by the "Vote No on One" PAC, whose only donor is a labor union, the SIEU. 


While running for office, McAuliffe said the right to work law helps us "grow businesses in Virginia."  Virginians should ignore his last minute flip-flop, vote for jobs, and vote YES on Amendment No. 1. Please join me in supporting Virginia's right to work. Sign the petition here.


Delegate Rob Bell
Republican Candidate for Attorney General