Labor Unions Target Virginia

According to the Washington Post, labor union leaders are campaigning door-to-door against Virginia’s right-to-work Constitutional amendment.   One voter told the reporter he “was waiting for the union to tell him which way to vote.”

Virginia’s right-to-work law means that a worker cannot be forced to join a union just to get a job.  The right to work promotes employee freedom and makes the Virginia economy more competitive. 

Labor unions are ferociously opposed to the right-to-work, and are among the biggest donors to many Virginia Democrats - they have given $4,236,715 to Terry McAuliffe and $603,979 to Mark Herring.  

Placing the Right-to-Work in the Constitution would help protect it from union challenge. 

I am proud to have voted to place this amendment on the ballot. Please stand with the right to work by signing here and forward this email to encourage your friends to vote “yes."


Delegate Rob Bell
Candidate for Attorney General