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Photo ID and Voting |

Photo ID and Voting

Rob believes that it is critically important that only eligible citizens are able to vote, and that the person registered must be the person who actually comes to the polls to vote.


According to a Richmond-Times Dispatch story about voter fraud in 2008, Virginia State Police have issued 39 warrants for voter fraud and have identified another 194 instances where a violation likely occurred.   Other cases are still under investigation.  Where warrants have been issued, a majority has resulted in convictions.


In  2013, Rob spoke on the floor in defense of the proposed photo ID law, which passed into law.  Rob also patroned House Bill 1765, to help prevent felons from voting and House Bill 1764, to help prevent people from voting simultaneously in more than one state.


Rob also patroned a bill  to require registrars to check citizenship status before allowing a new applicant to register to vote.  However, this bill was not successful.


Rob knows that Virginia has a history of very close elections, and the Commonwealth needs to ensure that this sort of voter fraud is never allowed to overturn the actual will of the people.



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