George Soros Spends Big to Defend Voter Fraud

On Thursday, the federal appeals court in Richmond will hear the suit trying to overturn Virginia’s voter photo ID law.  As reported in the New York Times, this is part of a national campaign funded by George Soros to overturn anti-voter fraud laws like Virginia’s in time for the 2016 elections. 

In 2013, I defended this very bill on the floor of the House of Delegates – you can watch the video here. Virginia’s law requires registrars to provide a photo ID to any voter who needs one, absolutely free.  We won in lower court, and there is no legitimate reason for the Appeals Court to rule against us.  That said, many other states have had their laws overturned.

Given his liberal partisanship, it is no surprise that Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring refused to fight for the photo ID law in court. Virginia taxpayers have had to pay more than $500,000 for private lawyers to do the job Herring was elected to do.

I will be in Court on Thursday for the hearing.  The public is welcome – if you would like to come, the address is 1000 East Main Street, Richmond, Virginia 23219.  You should be seated by 9:30 a.m.  Directions are here.  In the meantime, stand against George Soros and Mark Herring and help fight against voter fraud.  Click here.