Thank You

Dear Friends,

Now that the 2016 election is over, it is time for the 2017 Virginia statewide campaigns to begin in earnest.  After careful consideration, I have decided that I will not seek the position of Attorney General.

I have spent the last year traveling the state and laying the groundwork for a campaign.  However, as you may know, I have two young children, one of whom has special needs.  This school year has brought significant new challenges that require my personal and immediate attention.  Despite my best efforts, it has become clear to me that I can’t possibly fulfill my responsibilities as a father while making a statewide run.   

I am therefore ending my Attorney General campaign.  I am profoundly grateful to everyone who has offered support, time, or encouragement.  Unless told otherwise, I will be returning the donations I have received.  Though I won’t be a statewide candidate I do look forward to strongly supporting the Republican ticket, especially against Mark Herring.

For several years, I have had the honor of serving in the General Assembly seat once held by Thomas Jefferson. I look forward to continuing my work in the House of Delegates and spending Thanksgiving with my family.


Delegate Rob Bell

McAuliffe Attacks Right to Work Amendment

This afternoon, Virginians received Terry McAuliffe's recorded message asking them to defeat Virginia’s Right to Work Amendment.  

This is a shocking about-face. When he ran for Governor, McAuliffe called Virginia a great right to work state and said "we should never change that." Preserving the right to work is in fact what the proposed Amendment will do. But unions donated $4,236,715 to McAuliffe’s PAC, and he is now paying them back with a last minute, under-the-radar robocall campaign.

These robocalls were paid for by the "Vote No on One" PAC, whose only donor is a labor union, the SIEU. 


While running for office, McAuliffe said the right to work law helps us "grow businesses in Virginia."  Virginians should ignore his last minute flip-flop, vote for jobs, and vote YES on Amendment No. 1. Please join me in supporting Virginia's right to work. Sign the petition here.


Delegate Rob Bell
Republican Candidate for Attorney General

More Cases of Voter Fraud in Virginia

Still don’t believe in voter fraud?

In Alexandria, a campaign worker for a Democratic-aligned group was arrested and charged for registering fictitious voters.

In Newport News, a man received a voter registration at his address, but with a different name.  He brought it to prosecutors, who identified 32 others cases where this may have happened.

In Harrisonburg, a canvasser working for a group organized by a local Democrat was caught after attempting to register 19 dead Virginians.

Honest elections should be a priority for everyone.  But Mark Herring is still refusing to defend Virginia’s photo ID law in court. And Terry McAuliffe vetoed photo ID requirements for absentee ballots and a second bill to help keep non-citizens off Virginia’s voter rolls.  Democratic leaders are fighting our commonsense efforts to stop voter fraud in the first place.

After the last few weeks, not even Democrats can credibly argue that voter fraud doesn’t exist. 

If you have evidence of voter fraud, be sure to report it to authorities. And as we try to move forward, we need your help. If you haven’t already, join the fight -- sign the online petition by clicking here.


Delegate Rob Bell 
Republican Candidate for Attorney General 

Labor Unions Target Virginia

According to the Washington Post, labor union leaders are campaigning door-to-door against Virginia’s right-to-work Constitutional amendment.   One voter told the reporter he “was waiting for the union to tell him which way to vote.”

Virginia’s right-to-work law means that a worker cannot be forced to join a union just to get a job.  The right to work promotes employee freedom and makes the Virginia economy more competitive. 

Labor unions are ferociously opposed to the right-to-work, and are among the biggest donors to many Virginia Democrats - they have given $4,236,715 to Terry McAuliffe and $603,979 to Mark Herring.  

Placing the Right-to-Work in the Constitution would help protect it from union challenge. 

I am proud to have voted to place this amendment on the ballot. Please stand with the right to work by signing here and forward this email to encourage your friends to vote “yes."


Delegate Rob Bell
Candidate for Attorney General

Mark Herring is Absent on Voter Fraud

In recent weeks, the Washington Post has reported on dead Virginians being registered in Harrisonburg and Fox News reported on more than 1,000 noncitizens being included on the voter rolls. 

Who’s notably silent?  Virginia’s top law enforcement officer, Attorney General Mark Herring.

I know Herring can prosecute voter fraud because in 2013 I wrote the law to give his office independent authority to “enforce the election laws or prosecute violations thereof.”  You can read it by clicking here.

Nonetheless, Herring has declined to pursue these cases.  He’s even refused to defend Virginia’s photo ID law in court.

Fortunately, the General Assembly will hold a hearing on election readiness and the reports of voter fraud on October 13, 2016 at 9:00 a.m.  The committee will meet in House Room D at the Capitol – the public is welcome, and directions are here.

If you haven’t done so, stand against voter fraud – sign the online petition by clicking here.


Delegate Rob Bell
Candidate for Attorney General

Voter Fraud in Harrisonburg

Today’s Washington Post headline: “He fought in World War II. He died in 2014. And he just registered to vote in Va.” According to the article, a JMU student in Harrisonburg registered 19 dead Virginians to vote in the 2016 election.  Read it by clicking here.

This follows on a TV news report of a long-dead voters who have nonetheless cast ballots in Colorado.

Virginia is a battleground state, and every vote is important. In the General Assembly, I have long supported the photo ID requirement and other voter fraud bills. Election crimes like that in Harrisonburg prove these laws are needed.

You’d think honest elections would receive bipartisan support, but Terry McAuliffe vetoed an absentee ballot measure in 2015 and Attorney General Mark Herring refused to defend Virginia’s photo ID law against a lawsuit funded by George Soros. Virginia taxpayers had to pay private lawyers $600,000 in taxpayer money to do the job Herring was elected to do, and the case is still being considered by the federal court.

Enough!  Stand against voter fraud – sign the online petition by clicking here.


Delegate Rob Bell
Candidate for Attorney General

George Soros Spends Big to Defend Voter Fraud

On Thursday, the federal appeals court in Richmond will hear the suit trying to overturn Virginia’s voter photo ID law.  As reported in the New York Times, this is part of a national campaign funded by George Soros to overturn anti-voter fraud laws like Virginia’s in time for the 2016 elections. 

In 2013, I defended this very bill on the floor of the House of Delegates – you can watch the video here. Virginia’s law requires registrars to provide a photo ID to any voter who needs one, absolutely free.  We won in lower court, and there is no legitimate reason for the Appeals Court to rule against us.  That said, many other states have had their laws overturned.

Given his liberal partisanship, it is no surprise that Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring refused to fight for the photo ID law in court. Virginia taxpayers have had to pay more than $500,000 for private lawyers to do the job Herring was elected to do.

I will be in Court on Thursday for the hearing.  The public is welcome – if you would like to come, the address is 1000 East Main Street, Richmond, Virginia 23219.  You should be seated by 9:30 a.m.  Directions are here.  In the meantime, stand against George Soros and Mark Herring and help fight against voter fraud.  Click here.

BREAKING -- We’re Taking McAuliffe Back to Court

This morning, we Republicans in the General Assembly filed a contempt motion in the Virginia Supreme Court against Governor Terry McAuliffe.

On July 22, the Court ruled that McAuliffe’s executive order restoring voting and jury rights to 206,000 felons was unconstitutional. Instead of complying, McAuliffe ridiculed the Court and said “I cannot accept” the ruling. He then reissued restoration orders for 13,000 felons, using the same criteria as in his original unconstitutional order.  He has promised to move forward with the remaining felons on his list.

McAuliffe’s lawless behavior cannot stand! When we originally sued, it was because McAuliffe’s executive order was a blanket restoration and therefore unconstitutional. He cannot get around the Court’s ruling just by spreading his unconstitutional order over 13,000 sheets of paper. The Constitution and the rule of law apply to everyone, even the Governor of Virginia.  The Court should use its powers to enforce its original order.

Enough is enough! Stand with us and tell McAuliffe to follow the Constitution. Sign the online petition by clicking here.


Delegate Rob Bell
Candidate for Attorney General

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