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Rob Bell served as a state prosecutor for half of a decade. In his time doing this work he served the community by prosecuting close to 2400 criminal cases. He assisted with taking many drug dealers off the streets which in turn lowered the rates of drug addiction in Virginia. Rob Bell takes mental health issues very seriously, and he is passionate about decreasing the number of people who become addicted to drugs in the state of Virginia

During his time working he paved the way for positive change regarding the laws surrounding mental health issues. He achieved this by working with other dedicated individuals to revamp the system surrounding mental health problems and the way that we treat them. Rob Bell recognizes that addiction and mental health issues go in hand. That is why he acknowledges that importance of having proper and secure programs in place to help rehabilitate those who are affected by drug addiction and substance abuse issues. Rob Bell is aware of the potential that people have to change and better their lives, and he recognizes that obtaining proper treatment is the first step toward making that happen. He has witnessed some of these changes.

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